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About glassfish 4

GlassFish Server Open Source Edition is a Java EE compatible application server that is developed by Oracle and the GlassFish community using an open source license. The Java EE Reference Implementation is a subset of GlassFish, and therefore the GlassFish roadmap is closely tied to Java EE releases. GlassFish Server is typically released with support for the latest Java EE platform release shortly when the platform has been released, well ahead of other application server implementations.

GlassFish Can handle more than application in the same maching

For early adopters of Java EE releases, GlassFish Server is an ideal way to learn the latest Java EE features and build applications using them, and to then to put those applications into production on GlassFish as well. The Java EE 7 SDK includes GlassFish Server 4.0, documentation, tutorials, and samples, and is the recommended way to learn Java EE 7.

Jamal Azmy
CatchAPPs' Chief Executive Officer